Belly Dancing Training Videos

Raks Sharki - Volume 1: An Introduction to Belly Dancing

Running Time: 58 minutes
DVD: $25.00

This video was designed by Suzy, a Belly Dance instructor and performer, to introduce you to some of the basic movements of Belly Dancing. Suzy’s easy to follow steps have been developed through teaching hundreds of students over the years. Exercise truly becomes fun as you learn the basics of the ancient art form.

This educational video is suited for all ages!


Raks Sharki - Volume 2: Learn to Belly Dance

Running Time: 48 minutes
DVD: $25.00

Raqs Sharqi 2 is the natural progression from the introductory level of Suy’s videos. Her ability to break down and explain each movement allows her students to grasp concepts and master choreographies at an exceptionl rate.

This video will be both challenging and exciting as you learn how to do arm movements, undulations, hip figure 8’s, figure 8’s, pelvic rotations, hip circles and 3/4 shimmy, and, of course, the shimmy.


Raks Sharki - Volume 3: Learn to Belly Dance

Running Time: 40 minutes
DVD: $25.00

Once you’ve learned the basic movements and steps, you need to learn how to take those steps and move with them. In this video, you will learn to incorporate travelling steps, floating, spinning, rib sways and hip variations to enhance the skills you have already learned in volumes 1 and 2.

Be prepared for an exciting workout that will be both a challenge and joy. Belly dance is an excellent way to refresh your mind and body as you lose yourself in the power of the dance.


Suzy: A Prenatal Exercise

Running Time: 68 minutes
DVD: $25.00

This is an educational video for all pregnant women. While Suzy was pregnant 2001/2002, she decided to investigate the effects of dancing during pregnancy and the benefits for the birthing process.

This video is how Suzy shares her experiences and findings. The women who assist in this video have never had a dance class before. Enjoy!