About Suzy

Suzy began her lifelong involvement with dance at the age of five when she began Highland dancing. During her competitive years, she started Ballet to reinforce her skills and strengths as a dancer. Throughout her teenage years she studied jazz and modern, and then into adulthood discovered Middle Eastern Dance. Although her focus and passion remain with Middle Eastern Dance, Suzy continues to immerse herself into various dance forms.

Suzy is a professional Middle Eastern Dancer who has enchanted audiences in Canada, the United States, throughout Europe and the Middle East. She has traveled to the United States and parts of the Middle East to further study this beautiful dance. Following are some well-known teachers she has studied with:

  • Hadia
  • Denise Enan 
  • Yousry Sharif 
  • Raqia Hassan 
  • Selma Ferchich 
  • Tayyar Akedniz 
  • Yasmina Ramzy 
  • Foufa 
  • Nadia Hamdi 

More recently, Suzy has studied with: Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmy, Sahra Saeeda, Khayrea Mazen, Mona El Saeid, Dina, Beata & Horacio Cifuentes, Faten Salama, Aida Nour, Tito, Hassan Afifi, Lubna.

Yousry Sharif has been Suzy’s biggest influence and mentor throughout her dance career.

This enthusiastic choreographer also formed the Asianne Dance Troupe in Airdrie, Alberta in 1999. As the director of the troupe, Suzy incorporates new dance styles as well as traditional ones into the lively performances. Visit the Troupe section for more information on this marvelous ensemble.

Suzy also produced, directed, stared in and showcased the Asianne Dance Troupe in the Arabian Market.  There is a cast of about 40 people including dancers, musicians and actors.  This theatrical performance took place four times running two nights.  Two out of the four times the Arabian Market ran Suzy has had a newborn baby.  Two beautiful baby girls :) those girls aren’t so little anymore and also have a passion for dance and theatre.

Isis" was the last theatrical productions.  May 30th,2009 at the EPCOR Martha Cohen Theatre in Calgary.
The story is that a Grandpa takes his grandchildren to a museum to look at ancient Egyptian artifacts.  Grandpa tells the kids stories of Queen Hashepsut, King Tut, Cleopatra, Mummies, and Isis and Osiris.  Each story falls into a dance which is being scene through the imagination of children.
It is a very cool show, my kids are even in it!!! lol.  The show was a huge success!!!

Suzy has also produced four instructional videos.  Vol 1,2,3 and a prenatal video :)
There is one performance video of the last Arabian Market in 2007.

Suzy is also very honored to have had Mr Yousry Sharif produce a music CD that was recorded in Cairo Egypt in December 2006 using her personality and dance style as inspiration.  This CD was recorded for Suzy :) "Suzy El Helwa"

In November of 2008 Suzy went to Cairo to take part of the Nile Festival.  She entered a competition and took 2nd place!